14 Oct 2014

Fabric Trade Fairs

As promised, here are the links to the main Fabric Fairs in Europe we've been talking about.

Milano Unica  (ModaIn + IdeaBiella + ShirtAvenue)

Premiere Vision Paris

Denim by Premiere Vision Barcelona

2 Sep 2014

White workshop

An extremely creative workshop held by our team at Elisava School of Design: The White Album for Elisava Creative Week. Have a look: textile and non-textile intersections.

28 Aug 2014

Holidays in Ireland

Some pictures taken in our trip to Ireland. Connemara's sheep all around!!!

(pics ©LaCastaudi, thanks!)

5 Feb 2014

Sewing tips

Some helpful tips for those who want to start machine-sewing.
From the very very very beginning.