26 Jan 2012

Garment dyeing / Tintado en prenda

We've been talking about garment dyeing, and this is the video illustrating the process.
Tintado en prenda: pelicula que ilustra el proceso.
Thanks, Stone Island!

23 Jan 2012

Los acabados - Clasificación

Como clasificamos los acabados textiles. Según su técnica o según su finalidad.
Personalmente creo que para un diseñador es más practico utilizar esta segunda metodología.

Proximamente in english.

22 Jan 2012

I zimbra

Gadji beri bimba clandridi
Lauli lonni cadori gadjam
A bim beri glassala glandride
E glassala tuffm i zimbra

Bim blassa galassasa zimbrabim
Blassa glallassasa zimbrabim

A bim beri glassala grandrid
E glassala tuffm i zimbra

Gadji beri bimba glandridi
Lauli lonni cadora gadjam
A bim beri glassasa glandrid
E glassala tuffm i zimbra

Words cannot describe mr.Byrne's dancing

20 Jan 2012

Finger knitting

La semana pasada descubrí que antes de las maquinas tricotosas, antes que se inventaran los telares, antes que se empezaran a utilizar las agujas para tejer, se hacía tricot CON LOS DEDOS!
Aquí hay un video que explica como. Parece ser que hay cursos, campeonatos, y hasta un record Guinness de velocidad con esta técnica...

18 Jan 2012

Ligamentos - Weaves

I think these simple patterns can be useful for the classification of the three main weaves:

PLAIN WEAVE (tafetán-plana)

TWILL (sarga)

SATIN (4 by 1 in this case)

16 Jan 2012

Materias primas

Como prometido, aquí va el esquema de la clasificación de las materias primas textiles mas comunes. 

14 Jan 2012

Some dyeing techniques

Batik: A resist-dyeing process in which portions of a
fabric are coated with wax.

Tie-and-dye: tying portions of the fabric (or garment) will
avoid the color to penetrate

Reserve dyeing: One component of a blend or
combination fabric is left undyed, by the use of dyes that
have affinity for the fiber to be colored but not for the
fiber to be reserved.

Cross Dyeing: A method of dyeing blend or combination
fabrics to two or more shades by the use of dyes with
different affinities for the different fibers.

Hiroyuki Shindo, Cube, 1996; linen, sisal; weaving, folding, dyeing; 5.5 by 6 by 5.6 inches. 
Photo: Leonard Nones, courtesy of LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, N.Y.

13 Jan 2012

Textile dictionary

For spanish and foreigner students: a useful Dictionary of Textile Terms. English-Spanish and Español-Inglés. (downloadable PDF)

12 Jan 2012

On the nature of daylight

One of the best musical marriage ever. Max Richter & Dinah Washington, together for "Shutter Island" soundtrack.

11 Jan 2012

The Loom

This is an interesting video, explaining the basic concept about how a loom works.